About RRC

It has been a memorable and successful journey of commemorative 5 decades for a concept called Residential Refresher Course, coined by veterans of BCAS and replicated by CA fraternity all around India. BCAS aimed at popularising the concept of study, recreation and networking through RRCs, has brought many refinements over the past five decades in its format, content and packaging. Since inception, BCAS had been disseminating knowledge as its vision. Year after year the illustrious presidents at BCAS have passed the baton far and wide with upping the ante for quality and finesse at each progressive RRC. The Residential Refresher Course started in the year 1969 and the journey from thereon has been exhilarating and knowledge enriching.

52nd RRC

3 - 6 January 2019

About BCAS

A voluntary organisation established on 6th July 1949, BCAS has more than 9,000 members from all over the country at present and is a principle-centred and learning-oriented organisation promoting quality service and excellence in the profession of Chartered Accountancy and is a catalyst for bringing out better and more effective Government policies & laws and for clean & efficient administration and governance

52nd RRC Venue

Located on the western banks of the river, Yamuna, Agra is an enthusiast place that would put you in awe. From many centuries, Agra is the city of royalty and heritage of knight in shining among kings of Indian history.

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