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About RRC

It has been a memorable and successful journey of commemorative 5 decades for a concept called Residential Refresher Course, coined by veterans of BCAS and replicated by CA fraternity all around India. BCAS aimed at popularising the concept of study, recreation and networking through RRCs, has brought many refinements over the past five decades in its format, content and packaging. Since inception, BCAS had been disseminating knowledge as its vision. Year after year the illustrious presidents at BCAS have passed the baton far and wide with upping the ante for quality and finesse at each progressive RRC. The Residential Refresher Course started in the year 1969 and the journey from thereon has been exhilarating and knowledge enriching.

But in important milestones, in all those times when the person really lived and not merely existed. So it is also with Institutions. So far as our Bombay Chartered Accountants Society (BCAS) is concerned, its life has been full of events, but one of the most outstanding, memorable and recurring event is the Annual Residential Refresher Course (RRC).

52 Glorious Years – It is challenging to be relevant over five decades for a concept called Residential Refresher Course (RRC), coined by veterans of BCAS and replicated by the CA fraternity all around India. BCAS, an institution which is a pioneer in popularising the concept of the study, recreation, and networking through RRCs has brought many refinements over the past five decades in its format, content and packaging. It is undoubtedly a very momentous milestone to be achieved when we hold the 52nd RRC of BCAS at Hotel ITC Mughal, Agra from Thursday, 3rd January 2019 to Sunday, 6th January 2019.

Since inception, BCAS has been disseminating knowledge as its VISION. Year after year the illustrious Presidents at BCAS have passed the baton far and wide with upping the ante for quality and finesse at each progressive RRCs. The Residential Refresher Course (RRC) of the Society started in the year 1969 under the President ship of Respected Shri P. N. Shah. The journey from thereon has been exhilarating and knowledge enriching. The 51st Golden Jubilee RRC held at the legendary 5-star luxury Hotel Dreamland, Mahabaleshwar, was attended by 100 members from all across India. As is the hallmark of BCAS RRCs, this one was also a memorable and knowledge enriching experience.

One can say that the Residential Refresher Courses have always imbibed the spirit of LEARN:

  1. Leisure;
  2. Enrichment;
  3. Accomplishment;
  4. Relaxation; and
  5. Networking.

The growing popularity of RRCs is due to the efforts made to conceptualize great thoughts on improving the content and format of RRCs. It is therefore very aptly said, “Great thoughts converted to practice will become great accomplishments.”

  • About Past RRC

Journey to the 52nd Residential Refresher Course is huge achievement for any voluntary organisation. Way back in 1969, when the first Residential Refresher Course was organised, nobody would have thought that they were sowing a seed which would become a vast banyan tree.

Bombay Chartered Accountants Society (BCAS) can be considered as a pioneer in conceiving the idea of holding Residential Refresher Course for professionals in India. It was during the year 1968-69 that the Management Committee of BCAS organized the first such course at Rugby Hotel at Matheran in April, 1969 and since then, there was never looking behind. With each passing year, there was a new chapter added to the history of RRC. The idea is to give opportunity to all member participants to study the subject useful for the profession in an informal atmosphere at a place away from their place of work and without any disturbance from family members. 12000+ Chartered Accountants have benefited through this educative initiative.

  • Residential Referesher Courses From 1968-69 to 2017-18

RRC No. Year Dates Venue Chairman President ConvenorsParticipants
1 1968-1969 04-04-1969 to 10-04-1969Matheran D. P. Vora P. N. Shah Chandravadan C. Dalal78
2 1969-1970 05-04-1970 to 11-04-1970Mahabaleshwar D. P. Vora B. C. Parikh Chandravadan C. Dalal96
3 1970-1971 03-04-1971 to 11-04-1971Mount Abu P. N. Shah C. C. Dalal Haren Jokhakar100
4 1971-1972 07-04-1972 to 13-04-1972Matheran C. C. Dalal H. B. Jokhakar Ahmed Lilani122
5 1972-1973 07-04-1973 to 13-04-1973Mahabaleshwar C. C. Dalal A. N. Lilani Bhupendra V. Dalal153
6 1973-1974 04-04-1974 to 10-04-1974Matheran P. N. Shah M. A. Parikh Bhupendra V. Dalal168
7 1974-1975 03-04-1975 to 08-04-1975Mahabaleshwar C. C. Dalal N. V. Iyer Bhupendra V. Dalal138
8 1975-1976 28-11-1975 to 02-12-1975Mahabaleshwar P. N. Shah V. H. Kishnadwala Bhupendra V. Dalal129
9 1976-1977 08-04-1977 to 13-04-1977Matheran V. H. Kishnadwala B. V. Dalal Hemendra Shah, Shantilal Shah203
10 1977-1978 07-04-1978 to 12-04-1978Mahabaleshwar B. V. Dalal I. S. Mehta Dilip V. Lakhani, Shantilal Shah225
11 1978-1979 10-04-1979 to 15-04-1979Matheran I. S. Mehta N. K. Varma Dilip V. Lakhani. Sajjad Kanji218
12 1979-1980 10-04-1980 to 15-04-1980Mahabaleshwar I. S. Mehta S. J. Shah Hemendra Shah, Sajjad Kanji248
13 1980-1981 09-04-1981 to 13-04-1981Goa B. V. Dalal N. H. Kisnadwalla Hemendra Shah, Sajjad Kanji207
14 1981-1982 09-04-1982 to 13-04-1982Mahabaleshwar N. K. Varma H. N. Shah Shailesh Kapadia222
15 1982-1983 09-04-1983 to 13-04-1983Goa H. N. Shah S. G. Kapadia Ketan Dalal, Pranay Marfatia174
16 1983-1984 11-04-1984 to 15-04-1984Mahabaleshwar S. G. Kapadia D. J. Thakkar Dilip V. Lakhani, Nayan Parikh206
17 1984-1985 04-04-1985 to 07-04-1985Bengaluru S. G. Kapadia D. V. Lakhani Govind Goyal, Pranay Marfatia220
18 1984-1985 02-10-1985 to 05-10-1985Matheran S. G. Kapadia D. V. Lakhani Govind Goyal, Pranay Marfatia123
19 1985-1986 04-04-1986 to 08-04-1986Goa S. G. Kapadia A. A. Thakkar Dilip Dalal, Govind Goyal92
20 1986-1987 11-04-1987 to 14-04-1987Lonavala S. G. Kapadia D. N. Dalal Govind Goyal, Harish Motiwalla188
21 1987-1988 31-03-1988 to 03-04-1988Mahabaleshwar S. G. Kapadia P. D. Desai Govind Goyal, Nayan Parikh244
22 1988-1989 06-04-1989 to 09-04-1989Hyderabad D. V. Lakhani H. N. Motiwalla Govind Goyal, Nayan Parikh242
23 1989-1990 12-04-1990 to 15-05-1990Lonavala D. V. Lakhani N. C. Parikh Kanu Chokshi, Uday Sathaye219
24 1990-1991 11-04-1991 to 14-04-1991Mahabaleshwar N. C. Parikh R. R. Vora Govind Goyal, Uday Sathaye287
25 1991-1992 12-04-1992 to 15-04-1992Agra N. C. Parikh P. H. Marfatia Govind Goyal, Kanu Chokshi177
26 1992-1993 09-04-1993 to 12-04-1993Mahabaleshwar P. H. Marfatia K. C. Narang Uday Sathaye, Pradip Thanawala305
27 1993-1994 08-04-1994 to 11-04-1994Matheran P. H. Marfatia P. A. Shah Uday Sathaye, Paresh Juthani302
28 1994-1995 13-04-1995 to 16-04-1995Jaipur P. H. Marfatia G. G. Goyal Rajesh Shah, Himanshu Vasa230
29 1995-1996 03-04-1996 to 07-04-1996Mahabaleshwar G. G. Goyal K. B. Karia Uday Sathaye, Himanshu Vasa332
30 1996-1997 04-04-1997 to 08-04-1997Matheran G. G. Goyal A. H. Dhere Himanshu Vasa, Narayan Pasari354
31 1997-1998 09-04-1998 to 12-04-1998Mount Abu G. G. Goyal K. S. Chokshi Himanshu Vasa, Mayur Nayak325
32 1998-1999 02-04-1999 to 05-04-1999Mahabaleshwar G. G. Goyal R. G. Kapadia Naushad Panjwani, Sonalee Patwardhan444
33 1999-2000 12-04-2000 to 15-04-2000Hyderabad G. G. Goyal U. V. Sathaye Rajeev Shah, Sonalee Patwardhan264
34 2000-2001 05-04-2001 to 08-04-2001Matheran U. V. Sathaye R. S. Shah Pradip Thanawala, Rajeev Shah401
35 2001-2002 04-04-2002 to 07-04-2002Mahabaleshwar U. V. Sathaye P. N. Kapasi Pradip Thanawala, Minesh Shah617
36 2002-2003 12-04-2003 to 15-04-2003Indore U. V. Sathaye S. M. Contractor Pradip Thanawala, Narayan Pasari, Minesh Shah324
37 2003-2004 23-01-2004 to 26-01-2004Aurangabad U. V. Sathaye R. R. Muni Pradip Thanawala, Narayan Pasari382
38 2004-2005 03-02-2005 to 06-02-2005Mahabaleshwar R. S. Shah G. S. Nayak Pradip Thanawala, Narayan Pasari, Minesh Shah427
39 2005-2006 19-01-2006 to 22-01-2006Matheran N. C. Parikh S. R. Pandit Pradip Thanawala, Narayan Pasari, Yatin Desai339
40 2006-2007 04-01-2007 to 07-01-2007Agra N. C. Parikh H. V. Kishnadwala Rajeev N. Shah, Narayan Pasari, Yatin Desai249
41 2007-2008 10-01-2008 to 13-01-2008Mahabaleshwar N. C. Parikh R. S. Kothari Narayan Pasari, Yatin Desai, Rajeev N. Shah317
42 2008-2009 23-01-2009 to 26-01-2009Goa U. V. Sathaye A. J. Sathe Hiten C. Shah, Rajeev N. Shah, Yatin K. Desai234
43 2009-2010 10-01-2010 to 13-01-2010Gandhinagar, Gujarat U. V. Sathaye Ameet Patel Narayan Pasari, Rajeev N. Shah, Yatin K. Desai251
44 2010-2011 22-01-2011 to 15-01-2011Matheran U. V. Sathaye Mayur B. Nayak Krishna Kumar Jhunjhunwala, Rajeev N. Shah, Yatin K. Desai223
45 2011-2012 05-01-2012 to 08-01-2012Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad U. V. Sathaye Pradip Thanawala Krishna Kumar Jhunjhunwala, Rajeev N. Shah234
46 2012-2013 10-01-2013 to 13-01-2013Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Bengaluru R. S. Shah Deepak R. Shah Toral Mehta, Salil Lodha287
47 2013-2014 09-01-2014 to 12-01-2014Mahabaleshwar R. S. Shah Naushad Panjwani Narayan Pasari, Salil Lodha219
48 2014-2015 08-01-2015 to 11-01-2015Udaipur R. S. Shah Nitin P. Shingala Bharatkumar Oza & Salil Lodha213
49 2015-2016 22-01-2016 to 25-01-2016Khopoli U. V. Sathaye Raman H. Jokhakar Bharatkumar Oza & Rajeev N. Shah144
50 2016-2017 19-1-2017 to 22-1-2017Jaipur U. V. Sathaye Chetan Shah Bharat Oza, Mayur Desai and Rajeev Shah270
51 2017-2018 11-1-2018 to 14-1-2018Mahabaleshwar U. V. Sathaye Narayan Pasari Rajeev Shah, Kinjal Shah100
  • Seminar Committee 2018-19

Sr. No. Name Designation Email
1 Narayan R Pasari Chairman narayan@mmcsllp.com
2 Pradip K. Thanawala Co-Chairman thanawala.pradip@gmail.com
3 Sunil B. Gabhawalla Ex-Officio president@bcasonline.org
4 Manish P Sampat Ex-Officio vp@bcasonline.org
5 Mrinal A. Mehta Convenor mrinal.vmc@gmail.com
6 Manmohan R. Sharma Convenor camrsharma@gmail.com
7 Anand Bathiya Convenor anand.bathiya@bathiya.com
8 Preeti S. Cherian Member preeticherian@hotmail.com
9 Richa Brijmohan Agarwal Member richa@bnmca.com
10 Yogesh Hansaram Patel Member yogeshpatel0809@gmail.com
11 Sohil Ashok Kapasi Member kapasi.sohil@gmail.com
12 Sanjeev D. Lalan Member sanjeev@gbcaindia.com
13 Ronak Ashok Rambhia Member ronak@cavoras.com
14 Yatin K Desai Member yatin@byca.in
15 Utsav M. Shah Member utsavmilanshah@gmail.com
16 Sneh Bharat Bhuta Member sneh.bhuta@gmail.com
17 Shreyas Prakash Trivedi Member shreyas@trivedi-shreyas.in
18 Sangeeta S. Pandit Member sangeeta@pdkunte.com
19 Naman Shrimal Member namanshrimal@jainshrimal.com
20 Rajeev N Shah Member rajeevshahandco@eth.net
21 Nina P. Kapasi Member pradip.kapasi@gmail.com
22 Maitri Naik Ahuja Member maitrinaik.13@gmail.com
23 Kinjal V. Bhuta Member kinjaldoshi05@gmail.com
24 Bharatkumar K. Oza Member boza1809@gmail.com
25 Uday V. Sathaye Member uday@gokhalesathe.in
26 Pranay H Marfatia Member pranaymarfatia@hotmail.com
27 Nayan C. Parikh Member nayanparikh05@gmail.com
28 Govind G. Goyal Member govind@ggoyal.in
29 Deepak R. Shah Member cadeepakshah@gmail.com
30 Mihir C. Sheth Member mihir.sheth@v3kt.com
31 Rajesh S. Shah Member rsshahca@gmail.com
32 Yash Deepak Parmar Member yash@sbgco.in

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